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7 Nights And 8 Days Australia Tour Packages

These are considered to be awesome tour packages to Australia. These are for a period of more than one week and thus you get to enjoy a lot of time in the mind blowing cities of Australia. These include are the basic services such as travelling, lodging and transportation in Australia. The day wise plan chart followed in this tour package for 8 days is given below:

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Day 1 and night 1:

You will be welcomed to Australia on this day. This day is the day of your arrival in Australia and you will reach Sydney international airport. From there, our manager for your trip will pick you up and then you will be taken to the hotel. There you can relax for sometime and have lunch in the hotel Restaurant. Then you will be taken to two great places in Sydney:

● The Sydney opera house

● Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour bridge is a great place to visit during the evening from where you can enjoy an exceptional view of the whole city of Sydney. This visit will be followed by the visit to Sydney opera house. 

Day 2 and night 2:

On this day, you will explore Sydney to the fullest and enjoy the nightlife of Sydney as well. You will visit the following places on this day. 

● Hyde Park. 

● Royal botanic gardens

● Chinatown

This is a day when you will visit all the major places of Sydney. You lunch will be planned is a famous eating out based on your choice of menu. 

During the night, you will be taken to the Harbour street which is a famous nightlife hub in Sydney. You will be taken to Chinatown for enjoying the night. 

Day 3 ans night 3:

This day is known as Newcastle day. You will visit Newcastle on this day and explore the beautiful places there. This city is very famous for great adventurous activities and lies a distance of 110 kms. You will reach Newcastle and then you will be taken to the hotel. 

During the night, you will be taken to the most famous nightlife destination in Australia which lies close to Newcastle. 

Day 4 and night 4:

This will be your last day at the city of Newcastle. You will visit the following places on this day:

● Sand Dune Adventures

● Blackbutt Nature Reserve

● Newcastle Museum

On this day, you will visit the Newcastle museum which consists of many masterpieces by famous artists as well as the oldest artifacts of Australia. This visit will be followed with the visit of Blackbutt Nature reserve where you will find the natural habitat of so many species of animals and birds. Then you will be taken to the place for which this city is famous, where you will be able to ride bikes on sand dunes. You will be taken for the sand dune adventures.

In the evening, you will leave for the city of Sydney. 

Day 5 and night 5:

This day is known as Melbourne Day. You will be taken to the Melbourne. The distance between Sydney and Melbourne is 715 kms. It will take you 1 hour and 35 minutes from Sydney to Melbourne. where there are so many things to enjoy. It would be a one day stay here. The places you will visit here will include:

● Collins street

● Queen Victoria Market

You will straight away head for some shopping in Melbourne. You will be taken to two great shopping places namely Collins street and Queen Victoria Market. There you will enjoy a lot of shopping and them take some rest in the hotel. 

Day 6 and Day 7:

On these days, you will be made to explore as much of Melbourne city as possible. You will visit the following places:

● Melbourne Zoo

● National Gallery of Victoria

● The Comic’s Lounge

This will be the second last trip of your vacation and you will be taken to Melbourne Zoo as well as the National Gallery of Victoria which are both famous tourist attractions.

Day 8:

This is the last day of your trip to Australia. This day is meant for your departure from Australia. You will be taken to the airport from where you will board a flight back to home. 

This day completes our 7 nights 8 days tour packages to Australia.

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