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Pilgrimage Tour Packages Australia

Australia is a wonderful place for trips with tour family and friends. Australia has become an ideal country for all types of tours including honeymoon. The sightseeing in Australia has become a world popular because of the natural beauty of its landscapes. Millions of tourists visit Australia for recreation every year. These tourists come from all corners of the world with their loved ones and enjoy their time in Australia. Australia is very much popular for the beauty of its mountains, forests, etc. Apart from this, Australia is also popular for the beach experience it offers to the tourists. Australia is known as an island country. Which means it consists of islands and the total number of islands in Australia is more than 1000. These islands consist of mind blowing beaches which are made more ideal by the climate of Australia. Thus, you get to enjoy a great summer vacation in Australia.

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Australia is also popular for its nightlife. Australia has a different environment in each city which makes it a lively spot for spending night hours. The food of Australia is also amazing and it tastes awesome and has a hint of Britain food as it is definitely influenced by the presence of British rule. Apart from tourism, Australia also has some great holy places. People from different countries visit these holy places of Australia. The visit to these places is discussed below and these come under Pilgrimage tour packages to Australia.

Pilgrimage tour packages to Australia:

There are so many cultures and religions in Australia and thus you will be able to find many pilgrimage sites there. Some of the major pilgrimage sites in Australia are:

Shrine of Our Lady of Yankalilla

Location: South Australia

This is a major shrine in South Australia. It has been believed that it has been dedicated to Lady of Yankalilla and has utmost importance as far as religious beliefs of the people of Australia is concerned. 

Chapels in New Norcia

Location: Perth

There are almost a couple of Chapels located in the monastery town of New Norcia, north of Perth. These have gained the reputation of being very important pilgrimage sites in Australia. These are European old fashioned churches which are visited by many pilgrims every year.

Serbian Orthodox Church

Location: Coober Pedy, South Australia

This is one of its first kind underground churches located in South Australia. To escape the heat as well as to attain peace, pilgrims often visit the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Above is given all the information about Pilgrimage tour packages to Australia. These are the holy places which you will find in Australia and can have a pilgrimage to these places. There are many more places of such importance in Australia but the above places were obligatory to mention here.

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