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Students Tour Packages Australia

Australia is the best destination for vacations with family and friends. Australia is the best place for exploring the nature with biodiversity of different species. Australia is long and narrow chain of islands and is known as island country. There are two parts of Australia. The North Australia and the South Australia. North Australia is also known as Northland and is full of spines of beautiful mountain ranges. These beautiful mountains are surrounded by the vineyards, farmlands and parks which make a perfect scenery. Australia is best destination for all tourists and for all types of tours. Millions of tourists visit Australia every year. There are many reasons for so many people visiting Australia. Nightlife of Australia is famous all over the world. The climate is also ideal for summer trips and the beaches provide a great environment for fun activities in Australia. Australia is a mind blowing Geothermal area which consist lots of hot springs.

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Here you can visit many world famous glaciers like the largest one is Tasman Glacier. It is few kilometres away from Mt. Cook village in New Zealand which is also a part of Australia. There are so many things to do in Australia which can make your trip awesome. Australia has been able to offer so many adventurous activities to the tourists. These include both marine as well as other activities in Australia. The nightlife of Australia is very much unique. The most attracting feature about Australia is its beautiful scenery and landscapes. The mountains and the hills distributed over a large area on the islands of Australia offer mind blowing views and people from all around the world get attracted towards it. Australia offers the tourists so many things to do while they are on their tours and trips. Australia has become a tourist hub in recent decades and now hosts more than 30 million tourists every year. Australia is a very developed country in terms of everything. Here we will be talking about student tour packages to Australia. 

Student tour packages to Australia:

These are the tour packages which are made possible mainly for students of a school, college or a university to Australia. These involve all the arrangements to be made for a group of students so as to make a successful tour to Australia. We provide such facilities to the following cities of Australia with great services. 

1.Student tour to Sydney: 

These are great tour packages available to the beautiful city of Sydney for students. These are the best tour packages to Sydney as you will be able to explore Sydney from a student's perspective. 

● DAY 1, Arrival to Sydney: You will reach Sydney on this day and will meet our manager of the tour. You will reach the hotel and then in the evening have a small tour of market. 

● DAY 2, Sightseeing: This day is meant for exploring all the places in Sydney which include Sydney opera house, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour dining, Royal Botanic Gardens, etc.

● DAY 3, heritage tour: This day is meant for exploring  the heritage places of Sydney. There are a few such places like Cadman’s Cottage, Sydney Park brick kilns and chimneys, Camden Park House, Hyde Park, etc. 

● DAY 4, Religious tour: You will be taken to the temples of Sydney which include St Mary’s Cathedral, St. James Church, Sze Yup Temple, Al-Zahra Mosque, etc.

● DAY 5, Bondi Beach tour: This day is meant for an adventurous tour of Bondi beach and the places around. You will enjoy the atmosphere there and enjoy surfing and all. It is very famous for the Hall street cafes there.

● DAY 6, Departure day: This will be your last day in Sydney and you will depart from Australia. 

2. Student tour to Melbourne:

These are wonderful tour packages available to Melbourne for students. we may also sometimes refer these to as educational tours. These are the tours available for 6 days in Melbourne. You will be able to explore all the places of Melbourne in these packages. 

● DAY 1, Arrival: This will be the day in Melbourne. You will be able to visit the market on this day after being settled in the hotel. 

● DAY 2, Sightseeing: On the 2nd day of your tour, you will go for sightseeing in Melbourne. These are Queen Victoria Market, National Gallery of Victoria, City Center Tram Trip, etc.

● DAY 3, Religious tour: On this day, you will explore the religious places of Melbourne such as Preston Mosque, Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Sunshine Mosque, etc.

● DAY 4, Heritage tour: Heritage tours are the most important in student tour packages to Melbourne. You will be able to visit places in Melbourne which include Heide Museum of Modern Art, Lakeside stadium, Melbourne Arena, Vault, etc.

● DAY 5, Melbourne Zoo tour: This day is meant for the great tour of Melbourne. On this day, you will visit the Melbourne Zoo and witness so many species of animals and birds.

● DAY 6, Departure: This will be the last day of your tour to Melbourne and places around it. 

3. Student tour to Brisbane:

These are mind blowing tour packages available to Brisbane for students. These are the best tours available to Brisbane as you will be taken to all the places in Brisbane. It is discussed below:

● DAY 1, Arrival: This will be the first day of your tour and you will reach Brisbane. You will be able to visit some of the markets of Brisbane. 

● DAY 2,Sightseeing: On this day, you will explore many attractions of Brisbane. You will be taken to the wonderful places such as Story Bridge, Roma Street Parkland, Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, etc.

● DAY 3, Religious tour: On this day, you will explore all the religious places of Brisbane like Brisbane Synagogue, St. John’s Cathedral, holy trinity, etc.

● DAY 4, Heritage tour: On this day, you will visit the heritage places of Brisbane. 

● DAY 5, Gold Coast tour: This day is meant for the tour of Gold Coast. You will take a tour of Gold Coast for one night and enjoy a lot there. There, you will find a completely different atmosphere and culture.

● DAY 6, Departure: This will be the last day of your tour in Brisbane.

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