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Ballooning Over Yarra River Australia

Ballooning Over Yarra River - Australia

Australia is one of the most lonely country you will find in the whole world. Thus, it has been away from all the ill effects of having neighbouring enemies and many other things. This has come to its advantage that it has been able to become a tourist hub in recent years. Australia is a mind blowing island country to visit and it has been successful to fascinate millions of tourists. There are more than 1000 islands which make up this beautiful country of Australia. Australia is considered to be a devine collection of beautiful  islands located in the middle of Pacific Ocean. The nearest country or we can say neighbour to Australia is New Zealand. It is almost 1500 kms away from Australia and is a major neighbouring country. The geography of Australia is peculier and its shape is pretty unusual. It has become a great tourist hub since recent decade and now hosts millions of tourists every year. People from all around the world visit Australia for recreation and fun. The climate of Australia plays a vital role in bringing so many tourists to Australia. It is ideal for a summer trip or vacation. The islands have mind blowing beaches which offer a great environment for beach holidays. While on your visit to Australia, you will encounter so many activities which will be waiting for you. Here we will be talking about things to do in Australia - Ballooning Over Yarra River. 

Things to do - Ballooning Over Yarra River

Yarra valley is most popular for Adventure lovers and it is most spectacular winery region in

Victoria along with beautiful surrounding of mountains and vineyards. It is one hour drive away from Melbourne Central Business district. It is most iconic destination for the ballooning activity with natural amphitheatre. You can choose different ballooning trip which will take you over different location like mountains and Yarra River. It is surrounded by vineyards which offer outdoor tour along the countryside.

● Ballon is operated by the pilot with license

● Basket can hold passengers from 10 to 30.

● Per day , 2-1 balloon flies at once

● Children under 6 years are not allowed to take part in this trip

● Air Balloon Basket consists cushioning and rope for landing purpose.

● It offers 365 degree view of Yarra Valley

● Child Rate: $325

● Yarra Ballon Valley with Breakfast: $440

● Yarra Valley Balloon Flight: $405

● Child Rate with Breakfast: $345

This is one of the most famous activities to do in Australia. Millions of tourists every year participate and balloon over the Yarra river and get mesmerized by the views from the sky. Above is given all the information about the famous activity of Australia known as Ballooning over the yarra river. This is all about things to do in Australia - Ballooning over Yarra river.

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