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Grasshopper Australia

Grasshopper - Australia

Australia is an island country which has become an ideal and best tourist destination and is located in the middle of Pacific Ocean. It lies towards the northeastern part of New Zealand and is 1500 kms away from it towards the west. Since the early 19th century, Australia has been an independent country. Australia is popular all over the world for its culture and the beautiful islands and has long, narrow coastline which consist peaceful beaches. In Australia, there are many ethnics groups like groups of Maori, Pacific people, European, Asian and African. Its capital state is the city of  Canberra but as far as tourism is concerned, Sydney is the major hub for all the activities and is also considered as largest state. Sydney is the place visited by the majority of tourists. These 2 states play a vital role in Australia as far as tourism is concerned. In Australia, these major cities, many crucial activities take place like export import, and these cities consists of the major ports. Generally the language used by the majority of the population of Australia is English language and but few speak some other languages also. Thus every year, Australia sees the visit of  millions of tourists and this factor of language acts as the main reason for this advancement in tourism. In the world, Australia is ranked as one of  the largest islands. In Pacific Ocean it is considered to be the largest landmass present. The visit to the capital city must be planner in Autumn season. Melbourne is at its best during the Spring season. The nightlife of Australia is also amazing. Here we will be talking about nightlife of Australia - Grasshopper. 

Nightlife of Australia - Grasshopper:

Grasshopper bar is one of the best cocktail bars in Sydney with many classical vibes. It serves worlds best classic menu of Cocktail with extra Asian booster drinks. This place is perfect destination where you can enjoy full Asian Cuisine with triple course hits. This bar is located in the centre of Sydney Central Business District near George Street. Here are many Large laneways where you can enjoy many pop in. live music, concert and dance bar. This destination is iconic place which is located in the heart of Sydney. Here you can experience best pop up bars which takes part in George Laneways Festival Each Year. This bar serves organic and fresh food in unique and fun venue.

● Open : Monday to Thursday upto 4pm

● Closed: Sunday 

● Location: Temperance Lane, Sydney Australia

● Features: Asian dishes, cocktails and retro space with friendly atmosphere

It's entrance is so breathtaking with neon circle sculpture. This bar offers two level to enjoy the live music. For eating, you have to climb to another level which is perfect place with dim lights. Its menu offers oysters, fish, meat and salad with delicious french touch.  

Above is given all the information about the bar known as Grasshopper of Sydney. This is all about Nightlife of Australia - Grasshopper.

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